måndag 14 september 2015

Dusty old roads

Made a bunch of 15mm roads, mainly to be used for WWII but will also work for my Neo Soviets slugging it out on Ukrania XIIV. The plan is to get a Chain of Command 15mm Barbarossa campaign  rolling...

tisdag 18 augusti 2015

Malifaux Madness

I was show this game called Malifaux a while ago and had a demo game by a friend. Wonderful little game and some really sweet models as well. Just had to get some for my own... The game is based around a character and his/her crew. I went for the Neverborns the swamp queen herself, Zoraida and her minions.

Got her basic set and added some Waldgeists as well since they fit the theme and seemed to be really fun models to work with.


Bad Ju Ju




Great game with great models, not much else to say. Ill be getting same more to paint and play with soon. Head over to Wyrd Games for more info!

söndag 16 augusti 2015

Green Bay Hackers - Commissioned Blood Bowl team.

Here's the whole team including extra players and counters.



Star Players

Coaching staff and ReRoll counters.

fredag 7 augusti 2015

The right to bear arms.

Finished the first squad for my Neo Soviets as well as some concepts for the elite units. Red Bears and Red Guards in exo suits.

tisdag 4 augusti 2015

Here are a few of the Blood Bowl teams that Ive done though the years.

"Khörns Krüshers" Chaos Pact.

"Wind of Change" Slann.

"Nocturnal Nibblers" Vampires.

"Rosenheim Roosters" Halflings.

"Lothsa Lions" High Elves.

Commissioned Dwarf Blood Bowl team

Spent the last few weeks completing an older commission with some new models, star players and reroll counters etc.

An extra burning hat for an old Morg n Thorg miniature.


Barik Farblast.

Fan 1 as a ReRoll.

Fan 2 as a ReRoll.

Fan 3 as a ReRoll.

Passed out fan as a Leader ReRoll.

Flint Churnblade.

Boomer Eziason.

Deathroller, forgot to take a photo with the burning hat though.

A transvestite Hobgoblin as Zara the Slayer.

Grim Ironjaw.

And here is the old team as a commission a few years back.