söndag 19 april 2015

Birth of a 15mm table.

After getting talked into trying 15mm Sci Fi and enjoying the Gruntz rules a lot. It was an easy decision to start working on a table. The original idea was to go for a City board with a Transmetropolitan/Judge Dredd flavor to it.
But being a bit low on cash at the moment I decided to go for a cheaper and easier table instead, more of a shanty/post apocalyptic town. That would be able to incorporate into the city later on.

For the core of the building I have used a think easy to cut plastic board, foam board would work just as well or whatever you might have around.

Once the structure of the buildings were done I covered them with sheets of corrugated card, commonly used for scrapbooking. To get a shanty town feeling to them.

Some of my Khurasan IFL miniatures for size.

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