söndag 10 maj 2015


Im sure some or most of you might be familiar with the Gruntz rules, or at least heard of them. 15mm SciFi skirmish rules for about 30-40 models a side. Just had our first battle and enjoyed it a lot. As with all new systems it took a while, about 7 hours including beer, pizza and some non gaming related talk as well. Im sure we will get our speed up for the next few battles, estimated playtime in the rules are about 2 hours.

Great fun to try out the new terrain as well, always a pleasure when you get to play with your newly made projects. Didn't have much of a senario for this, just tried the "kill the other guys" senario between my Khurasan Interstellar Foreign Legion (IFL) versus a friends army with a mix of Critical Mass Games and Ground Zero Games miniatues.

The battle was a tie 107pts to 108pts and great fun. Really enjoy how open the Gruntz rules are, Im sure we will spend a lot of time using them and pushing to soldiers around.

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